About me

Who am I?

I’m inconsistent. I’m a product of my environment, yet so different from it and everything it produced before me. I’m a programmer and a writer. I’m a metal-head and a philosopher. I’m a passion driven rationalist.

My name is Kevin Coulombe and I’m a software engineering student in Montreal. I do a small number of software development contracts and I’m a columnist for a local French magazine, the Mag2000. I also work on a source code comparison program named SSCompare.

Contact me

You may reach me at byteauthor@gmail.com. I’m trusting Google’s spam filter on this, but don’t worry, it simply forwards to my actual email address. Just don’t count on this address remaining valid forever if Google fails to handle the incoming flow of spam.

PS. I’ve realized that I often answer short emails the moment I read them, but I regularly put off longer ones and never get back to them. One to one communication doesn’t scale so well…