Javascript Sudoku solver

I chose to bring my original Sudoku solver to the web in the form of a Javascript version. Self proclaimed titles sound way too arrogant for my taste, so I won’t say this is the world’s fastest Javascript Sudoku solver, but I would sure like to see anyone beat it!

Of course, Javascript is quite slower than Java so it takes over an order of magnitude more time than my original Java version, but that’s still almost instantaneous for most problems.

Try it

Just type or copy/paste the problem below and click the “Solve” button. There is no need to format anything: the parser will ignore whitespace, line breaks, text or anything that is not a digit. And just like the original Java version, a zero means the square has an unknown value.


The code

As usual, you are free to do whatever you want with it, but I will take no responsibility if this bit javascript won’t behave once it’s in your care.

Here is the source code (3 KB)

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